The Imperial Foundation

The Foundation’s Mission

The Foundation has been formed to invest in the future of Imperial. Designed to benefit in the community for many generations to come, the Foundation will supplement and complement the functions of the Residential and Commercial Associations. The Foundation is an entity entirely separate from and independent of Johnson Development. The Foundation enhances the services and resources of the community through the sponsorship of programs, activities, and events in and around Imperial.

Who Benefits From the Funds?

The Foundation helps to create a profound sense of community through the sponsorship of activities and events in and around Imperial.

And, as Imperial continues to grow, the Foundation’s ability to contribute to even more innovative projects and enriching programs is increasing. The Foundation targets projects that will have an enormous impact on the quality of life of Imperial’s residents and, by extension, the community at large.

“Building a community that celebrates life, both now and for generations to come - that’s what The Foundation is all about.” — Shay Shafie, General Manager, Imperial

The Foundation is expected to generate substantial funds on an annual basis. Those funds will support five primary areas of focus in Imperial:

  • community events, clubs, groups, and sports
  • health and wellness
  • technology
  • education
  • the environment

The Foundation assists the Imperial Homeowners Association Board of Directors in determining areas of need and interest within the community. While the foundation is on the vanguard, it is patterned after successful models in outstanding residential communities throughout the country.

Who Funds The Foundation?

Owners of property in Imperial. The Foundation is funded by community enhancement/endowment fees which have been assessed on every real estate transaction. The maximum fee to the Foundation is one percent, however the current fee is equal to 0.25% of the sales price of a new home and 0.50% of a resale. Commercial properties contribute $2,000 an acre. The Foundation fee remains as a deed covenant; therefore, if a property is re-sold in the future, a contribution is made to the Foundation at closing. This allows the Foundation to grow as Imperial grows. The Foundation will contribute to enriching programs that will have an enormous impact on the quality of life in Imperial.


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