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Farmers Market at Imperial - a smorgasbord of good times in Sugar Land

Farmers Market at Imperial - a smorgasbord of good times in Sugar Land

  Where on a Saturday can you experience visiting with neighbors and have the luxury of having your kids with you, who can benefit from some valuable lessons; combine that with some fun shopping, taste some beer, perhaps; sample foods, buy some fresh baked bread and other specialty signature treats to take home while you enjoy a quality, leisurely lifestyle al fresco in Sugar Land anytime between 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.?

  This wide range of community benefits comes packed with variety, and each week it can be had at the Farmers Market at Imperial on U.S. 90A and Brooks Street, 198 Kempner Street.  Although it was billed especially for produce lovers when it first began in October 2011, Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Keri Schmidt says it is also a great place not only for the kids and the dogs, but it’s where you can enjoy breakfast or lunch and there’s even live music, too.

  Each week, the Chamber, which organizes it, sends out a message about how it’s thrilled to be back for another week noting that each one of them is extra special.  This past weekend, for example, an omelet bar was featured, the beer tasting, a cookbook special and a visit from the Italian Greyhound Rescue. Kids also had a planting lesson.  There was more, too.

  “We continue to have great crowds,” reports Schmidt, and she said the gathering typically has over 500 on the average day. “The best part is the sense of community and seeing friends from all over the county,” and “we love that we have ‘regulars,’ who shop for their fresh produce every week,” she said.  What’s more, the weekly farmers market, held rain or shine year-round, has demonstrations and kids’ activities regularly.

  “Our vendors are excited about the types of crowds we draw,” shares Schmidt.  “People love to bring their out of town guests and enjoy strolling around the historic factory grounds.”  This is in the historic area of the city that continues to undergo restoration and massive transformation as part of a larger site that includes Constellation Field and new housing currently under construction enhancing the look and feel of this part of town. It will eventually consist of some seven different districts.

  For now Schmidt says, “Definitely come hungry so you can enjoy the delicious variety of foods available.”  After all, this is about eating fresh and shopping local!

  For more information, visit or just check it out and consider making it an outing for that taste of Sugar Land…a part of its sweet life!


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